Below you can find a list of VST plugins I have released so far. Click on the image for a full-size screenshot of the plugin, and click the links next to its name to download it. If you want to suggest an effect or synth idea, do so here.
    Coming Soon:
  • Real2Reel - Comprehensive tape simulator. Not based on convolution/samples, it dynamically recreates the actual response of five real world tape machines. Five machines, 3 tape speeds, old/new heads, old/new tape, pre-emphasis curve, and more.
  • dHb Audio - These plugins model the non-linearities inherent in analog audio equipment. Several unique EQs, compressors, and effects will be included, as well as clean and colorful preamps. Give any plugin an analog input or output stage! Update: Life is hectic right now, plugin development is unfortunately on hold until further notice.
BeeP (.rar / .zip) - Band Pass Plus Filter, also called a Peaking filter. Based on the BP+ filter in the Korg EMX, this is basically a band pass filter that allows the unfiltered signal to be mixed back into the output. Includes a cutoff LFO.
Tré (.rar / .zip) - A tube distortion effect with a distinct sound. You decide how hard to push the sound, and the Bias slider lets you emulate various tubes as well as solid-state distortion.
Filtr8 1.0 (discontinued) - A resonant multimode filter with slopes of 6, 12, 18 or 24 dB/octave. Also has two drive knobs and independent LFOs (with 7 waveforms per LFO).
Filtr8 2.0 (discontinued) - A resonant multimode filter with Low Pass, Band Pass, High Pass and Band Reject (Notch) filters, with adjustable slopes (1, 2, 4, 6, and 8 poles). The filters can run in series or in parallel. Same LFO options as version 1.0. Patch support added.