Who is Beach Hunt?
Beach Hunt is H.B. Stone, born in Hollywood, CA and raised in the San Fernando Valley. Exposed to many forms of music during childhood, he was also taught to appreciate music, art and life with an open mind. As early as preschool, he was able to recognize melodies and recreate them on the piano. Early in high school he learned the clarinet and guitar, but during a visit to Israel in 1998 he began to cultivate a deep interest in trance music.

In 1999, Beach Hunt became an artist on mp3.com, and eventually released three albums: Io, Figure of Speech and Copper Serpent. He enjoyed some moderate success there, but mainly used his time to learn and grow as a musician. In October of 2001 he signed up with Ampcast, and found a much happier home there. Ampcast provided great services and supported a great community until it announced its closing in December of 2005. During his time with Ampcast, Beach Hunt was added to nearly fifty listener-created playlists and had 100,000 combined song plays and downloads. Also, his albums First Impulse and the Full Throttle EP were released through Ampcast.

Music is Beach Hunt's passion, and he hopes to find a distributor for upcoming releases. To fuel his passion, he has turned to audio CD mastering by founding Chi-Squared Mastering.