Read what people are saying about Beach Hunt's albums:
    On First Impulse
  • "Sublime, intelligent trance and uptempo smooth electronica for the connisseur. Unlike so many of today's dance music artists, Beach Hunt fills his tracks with melody, song structure, and sophistication - together with outstanding production and sound." — feature on Ampcast
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    On Anachron
  • "Nice work! Like the dynamics, especially the breakdown in the middle." — Colin
    On Bach - Air
  • "Amazing job, Beach - you took me completely by surprise on this one - and you did it so superbly!" — Dennyvan
    On Cerulean Torrent
  • "Sounds like something from a movie soundtrack. I like it!"
    On Corners
  • "At first, I was drawn into the song. Soon after I was swallowed up! Great song."
    On Desire
  • "This is very rare trance! A true classic for melodic trance."
    On Dreams of Sunrise
  • "Excellent synthing, wonderful wonderful wonderful! Looking forward to hearing more of your stuff being played on TranceSum's sessions."
    On First Impulse
  • "Great upbeat feeling. Makes me want to work out ;)"
    On Forever
  • "About ten minutes later I'm still jamming to it in my head."
    On Full Throttle
  • "I enjoyed this a lot - well worth the download... It has a good flow, and didn't have the normal tired trance sound. Good work!" — Knightman Productions
  • "Great tune! Nice piano melody. I dig it!!!" — John Lewis, Footfall
  • "Nice job, Beach Hunt! Captivating, well-produced and very well played!" — Dan Simes, Entry Level
  • "Whoa!! Outstanding track! Kinda got me into an action film mood! ;)" — Dennyvan
    On Ghost in the Darkness - Creeper (Dark Soul remix)
  • "Fantastic production, nice and clear, well articulated to bring out the subtle performances and quiet vocal. Great work!" — Dan Simes, Entry Level
    On Kinesis
  • "Quite unusual for trance. A touch of classical. Interesting melody. Very pulled together with a great beat. Mood lifter."
  • "I came to this site (Ampcast) for Toby Emerson but I am glad I checked the rest of it out. This is a truly beautiful song."
  • "Reminds me of my honeymoon in Mexico. Very sexy."
  • "I really liked this one. Pretty melody and addictive beat."
    On Omassus
  • "Excellent. Love it when the gritty bass sneaks in."Fevertech
  • "Love the new sound techniques used in this song!"
    On Sagitaire - Shout (DJBH remix)
  • "Oh yeah! Now this is stellar! Love it. Gonna get this one onto the Midnight Frenzy show."Fevertech
    On The End of the Tunnel
  • "I want more of this!"
    On Wizardry
  • "I absolutely loved it - it had everything I look for in trance."